Itibiti Yogurt mask review. Really smells like sweet yogurt!

Holika Holika Pet Magic Sheet Mask in Anti Wrinkle PUG

Today's sheet mask is the Anti Wrinkle Pug from Holika Holika. This mask claims to have an anti-aging treatment. Contains Hydrolyzed Collagen Extract to revitalize, and firm your skin. Get rid of those pug like wrinkles and watch them fade away while the essence is being absorbed. Also, contains Niacinamide to provide a radiating, and brightening [...]

Secriss Pure Nature Mask White Pearl

Purchased at Althea Korea for $1.00 currently 66% off original price of $3.00.  Product Claim: Natural derived seven ingredients care for skin troubles thoroughly and make healthy and shiny. A skin-friendly and gentle ingredient builds a water layer and protects sensitive skin. Highly concentrated undiluted ampule helps delivering moisturized feeling deep into the skin and it [...]

How I treat my PIMPLE

Hello beauties! Today, let's talk about pimples. Lately I've been stepping up my skincare game and I noticed that big changes in my skin. I have oily to combination, sensitive and acne prone skin. That's why I'm very particular when it comes to skincare. Back in the day, I didn't have a skincare routine and [...]

How I remove my BLACKHEADS!

Hello Beauties! Welcome to Eye See Something Blog. For the past month, I've been testing out a hack on how  to remove blackheads using baking soda and a pore strip remover. I usually purchase the Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strip remover from Ulta. My blackheads are not that prominent and oftentimes I use the strip [...]

Sheetmask Day!

Hello guys! Welcome to another Eye See Something!  Today is another sheet mask day featuring Pure Smile Strawberry Essence Mask. Purchased this mask at Althea korea for $0.75 plus shipping. Also I added a promo code to get $15 off your first purchase! For new customers only. You may also receive $15 off if you refer [...]