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  Hello&Welcome to Eye C. !

 A personal blog created to share product reviews of makeup & skincare (mostly affordable!). Products reviewed are my own personal, unbiased, unfiltered opinions and the images produced are my own. So here’s a little get to know me, I mean eyeseesomething.com aka eye c. blog through a little Q&A.

What is my blog about?

My blog is about affordable makeup and skincare reviews from an ordinary customers point of view. I love reading about reviews before purchasing any beauty related items. 

What is my skintype?

I have oily to combination skin. I have to include sensitive. Some skincare and makeup products sold sometimes give me an untoward reaction where my skin itches and sometimes bumps form. 

What do I look for in makeup products?

Well, I’m not an expert in makeup but I love wearing them. My makeup routine usually starts with a foundation, setting powder, eye primer, eyeliner, mascara, lipbalm or lipsticks. Sometimes I go for a blush and highlighter. I usually pick out affordable and drugstore makeup. I don’t really know how to apply eye makeup just the eyeliner. But I’m practicing my blending skills. 

What is my foundation shade?

I have warm undertones. My foundation of choice would be yellow undertones usually labelled as ‘beige’ .Let me add bb and cc creams. I would pick up shades in this category under light to medium.

What do I look for in skincare products?

Aside from my cleanse, tone and moisturize skincare routine, I added Sheetmask! I’ve gone overboard with them. Okay, so not all sheetmasks sold are designed for sensitive skin. My skin loves a little sheetmask to wrap up my skincare routine. I get to have a mini spa day at home while using it. Some masks I’ve tried on the past initially did not give me any skin reaction but then after a few minutes, my skin started flaring up. 

For my skincare routine I start with a facial cleanser, toner, serum and sheetmask once or twice a week. When I’m out and about, I just add spf. I used to love bb creams but for some reason they broke me out. Or maybe it was just the brand I chose. Still on the verge on testing out skincare products. I’m kinda leaning off the foundation routine for a bit until my skin clears up. I don’t have that much breakouts and my pimple marks are slowly fading. My secret? Using less makeup and more sheetmasks! Once or twice a week. 

How do I rate my product review?

For makeup, I mostly categorize PROS and CONS of the product. Sometimes I make swatches and try on application.

For skincare, specifically sheetmasks. I created a point system. Each point is equivalent to a 🍑. The perfect score will be a 5/5. 1 point equivalent to 🍑. Total score is 5. 1 for the lowest and 5 for the highest point.Then I give a point for the following:

Effectiveness– If the product does what it says. The consistency, scent, and if it irritated my skin.

Packaging-How well the product is contained and dispensed. I usually give a point for design. 

Price-If the product is reasonably priced or affordable.

Availability-If the product is widely available. If bought online, did it arrive on time and how did the products arrive, if they are in good condition or not.

Score interpretation:

🍑-Lowest point. It is not effective, irritated my skin or simply did not work for me. Will not recommend it. 
🍑🍑-Okay. The product could be better.
🍑🍑🍑-Good enough to try.  Would repurchase it if was on sale.
🍑🍑🍑🍑-Great.The product was effective. Will definitely recommend it.
🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑-AMAZING! The product was really effective and efficient! Will highly recommend and re-purchase indeed! 

Images and opinions of product reviews and opinions are mine. Enjoy the reviews!






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