White Flower Mask Pack Review

Brightening Mask!

Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by! Here’s another sheetmask review for ya! Purhased at Althea korea at a discounted price of $0.80! PS Not a sponsored post.iloveyouso

 This is  just about my sheet mask experience. Enjoy!

wangskin white flower mask review eyeseesomething.com11wangskin white flower mask review eyeseesomething.com33wangskin white flower mask review eyeseesomething.com4wangskin white flower mask review eyeseesomething.com52 (2)skin typewangskin white flower mask review eyeseesomething.com24wangskin white flower mask review eyeseesomething.com65wangskin white flower mask review eyeseesomething.com76

Hope I didn’t scare you guys with my bare face! 

That’s all for today’s post! Until the next one!eyeseesomething.com

All images and opinions of the product are mine. This post is not sponsored.

Eyeseesomething.com All Rights Reserved 2017.


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