Common Labs G gultamin B Real Jel Mask

Vitamin B?In a mask?

As the season gets colder, my skin is deeply in need of anything hydrating! Today’s post is another sheet mask review by the brand common labs. Purchased a few sheet mask as featured on a previous Althea Korea haul post. This was priced at $2.00 at 

Common Labs G gultamin B Real Jel Mask

Vitamin B helps in revitalizing the skin crucial for protein production. Needed for cell generation for a more beautiful and glowing skin.  2 step mask with a mild peeling pad for step 1 that contains AHA and BHA to get rid of dead skin cells allowing skin renewal and better absorption of nutrients provided by the mask in step 2. Contains 1.10 oz (33 ml) of essence providing the skin moisture that it needs for healthy looking skin. reviews vit b mask by commonlabs

Key ingredients:

Ggultamin B Panthenol that helps in retaining skin moisture. Promotes cell growth. This ingredient promotes soothing of the skin necessary to revive the skin

Vitamin B Responsible for cell renewal by protein production. Provides a healthy glow and moisture to the skin.

Manuka Honey- Promotes skin elasticity and soothing troubled skin while improving skin texture with it’s anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties.

How to use:

Try on mask by

Step 1– Wash face before using the mask. Use the finger pad to remove all excess dirt and sebum. May use either sides of the pad.

commonlabs review by try on mask 2017

Step 2– After cleansing, apply the mask for 20-30 minutes then pat remaining essence. Lightly press packaging of the mask to assist in spreading the essence evenly to the mask.

Commonlabs hydrogel mask review by
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Gel type with a yellow transparent honey color. It had a refreshing scent to it. 


The mask was a Lyocell sheet type of mask that is made to adhere best to the skin to better deliver the nutrients onto the skin.


Fit my face perfectly. It had no cutting lines, only the mouth, eye and nose area.

mask review by

My thoughts:


After leaving the mask on for a total of 30 minutes on my face, my skin felt soft, plump and well hydrated. The essence was not sticky at all. I had a lot left over from the pack enough to store then use it the next day. It instantly gave my skin a “glow”. Dry patches no more. Some of my inflammed reduced in size. I would love to try other masks from this brand. Highly recommend this for oily/combination skin types like mine. Overall, this was a pleasant sheetmask experience.


Effectiveness🍑🍑🍑My skin loves it! It calms troubled and hydrates skin without the greasy sticky feel. Generously soaked with so much essence to last another day. 

Packaging🍑Fancy packaging. The 2 step procedure was very helpful. An added step to remove dead skin to prepare for the mask nutrients. 

Price🍑 $2.00 at  

Score interpretation:

🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑AMAZING! The product was really effective! Highly recommend and re-purchase!

That’s all for today’s sheetmask review! Thanks for stopping by! Until the next Eye C. review. All images and opinions are mine. This post is not sponsored. All rights reserved 2017.

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