Lebaton Pearl Whitening Essence Mask Review

Let’s brighten up those pesky pimple marks shall we?

Hello there! Today’s review is on the category of skincare specifically sheet masks! Purchased this Lebaton Pearl Whitening Essence mask along with a whole bunch of other korean skincare which I also featured in a recent Althea korea haul. I had no specific reason to buy this particular one, just that it was on sale! $7.60 for 10 sheets.

Lebaton Pearl Whitening Essence Mask

With Pearl extract which is well known for reducing dark spots and discoloration, this mask helps in brightening dull complexion for a clearer, more radiant look. Weighs 23g. Made in korea.

Key ingredient:

Pearl extract-Rich in mineral and amino acid to reduce discoloration and dark spots leaving skin luminous and with a radiating glow. 


Lebaton mask review by eyeseesomething.com 2017.

To use:

-Apply mask after cleansing face, avoiding eye and mouth area.

-Leave for 10 -20 minutes. 

-Gently pat on remaining essence on face and neck.


Soft and elastic 100% natural cotton sheet delivers active ingredients without the irritations. 


Clear jelly like consistency.


Very mild fragrance. Vanishes after a few minutes.


The fitting of the mask was just enough for my face. 



lebaton mask review by eyeseesomething.com 2017.



The mask was soaked in so much essence. It appears to be thinner as compared to other sheetmask I’ve tried. It was almost paper like to the point that it could tear apart if stretched. I left the mask on for a good 20 minutes on my face. It was still damp to touch. Immediately after using the mask, my skin was so moisturized and supple to the point that it became really sticky for my oily/combination skintype.  My face became extremely shiny and it took a while for the essence to get absorbed on my skin. It almost felt like there was oil in the formulation of the essence. I did not see any noticeable “brightening” or “lightening” effect on my skin as the mask claims to. There was no irritations noted during and after using the mask. Sadly, I will not recommend this mask for oily skintypes. If your in need for some extreme hydration this just might work for you. But if your looking for a mask with a non-sticky feel, this is not it. Sadly I won’t repurchase this mask. 


Effectiveness– The mask gave my skin a boost of hydration but I didn’t like the formulation of the essence which gave my face a very sticky almost tacky after feel that was too much for my oily/combination skin. So no points for that.

Packaging🍑Very cute.

Price🍑 Affordable because it was on sale.

Availability- The sheet mask was only sold online as far as I know.

Score interpretation:🍑🍑/5

🍑🍑-Okay. The product could be better. I was hoping that the mask would brighten up my complexion as it claimed to but unfortunately it did not. 
Thanks for stopping by! Until the next post! All images and opinions are mine. This post is not sponsored.
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3 thoughts on “Lebaton Pearl Whitening Essence Mask Review

  1. I have the same thoughts on lebaton masks! I always purchase them coz’ it was so cheap but hated the essence bec. it tends to get really sticky and oily. Great review. Love it.

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