Rire Pore Tightening Toner review.

Hello beauties! Welcome to another eyeseesomething review!

Today’s something is about a PORE TIGHTENING Toner. Presenting. . . 

Rire’s  Pore Tightening Toner

Purchased @Althea.kr for $1.75. To get $15 off your first purchase click here.

Pore tightening fresh toner:

Indicated for oily combination skin with large pores. Formulated with white clay to control and remove excess sebum on the face leaving it soft and smooth. Excessive sebum causes widened pores which then causes the following:(Accdg. to Althea.kr)

  • blackheads
  • rough or tough skin
  • dark uneven tone of skin

The product weighs 300 ml. It has a blue colored container but the formula is clear and bubbly. The instructions were to shake the bottle a few times since there was sediments forming at the bottom of the bottle.

My skin type:

Oily combination skin. My T-zone (forehead, nose and chin area) tends to get oily during the day and I get dry patches on the sides of my nose, cheek area and along the edges of my lips.

Rire Toner review by eyeseesomething.com

After shaking the bottle as instructed, the formulation gets bubbly.


Rire Toner Pore tightening review by eyeseesomething.com 2017 (2)

Main ingredients:

White Clay –  Contains minerals and nutrients to absorb excess face sebum and prevent inflammation.

Ash Extract – Promote skin elasticity and moisture. Minerals for added skin and pore care.

Tea Tree Extract – Relax inflammed and sensitive skin. 

Aloe Vera Extract –  Moisturizes, relaxes, and brightens the skin.

Lavender Extract – Relaxes the skin.

Camellia Sinesis Lead Extract – Skin vitality and smoothens out the skin’s rough texture.

Diospyros Kaki Leaf Extract – Vitamin C, P, B, and K. For clear, energized and refreshed skin.

Castanea Crenata Shell Extract – Anti ageing benefits.


How to use: 

From Althea.kr

May be used both ways:

  • toner
  • calming pack

I prefer using this product as a toner. After cleansing my face, I then apply a few drops of the RIRE Fresh Pore Tightening Toner and remove all the remaining dirt the cleanser was not able to remove. After using the toner, my face gets a little bit dewy from the bubbly formulation. 

Rire toner try on by eyeseesomething.com 2017


I’ve been using this toner for almost a month and I haven’t gone through half of the bottle yet. This toner could literally last me months! I did notice my skin peel a bit initially then it stopped after a week. It  just might be due to my sunburn. The toner does leave my skin dewy and a little tacky after which probably is the reason for the bubbly or soapy formulation. As you guys can see from the image above, the toner on the bottle seemed to look like blue, but as I poured it out, the fluid was just clear.

This toner removed all the excess dirt and oil left on my face after a regular facial cleanser. For the pore tightening claims, my pores are still very visible. Maybe I should see those results the longer I use it. By the way, I do have oily combination skin and right now, dry patches around my nose and cheeks appear due to the  cold winds of fall fast approaching. This toner also leaves an extra shield of moisturizer after using. Almost making it ‘dewy’ looking. I usually wake up to an oiled up grease pan like face but after using this toner for weeks, my skin is not that oily or flakey just soft and smooth. It’s not a substitute for a moisturizer but it really does give just a little bit of  moisture. 

The toner smelled really nice. A “perfumey” baby soap clean scent to it plus a strong scent of alcohol. I did drop the bottle a few times and thankfully it didn’t break that easily. I also liked that it was not formulated with parabens and strong chemicals but once I applied this toner on an open pimple, it gave a me horrible painful sting. So I would suggest not using this on a open wound.  I also did see a few bumps appear while using the toner but after a week, the bumps disappeared. It might just be an initial reaction since my skin has not been used to toners. The last toner I tried was over a year ago. 

 Overall, I did love this as a toner but what I really was looking forward to the pore tightening claims which didn’t really manifest after weeks of using it. Sigh, sadly I won’t be repurchasing this item. With that I’m giving this product a rating of:



Packaging: 🍑 Clean blue and white labeling. The bottle was made out of a hard plastic material that could withstand accidental falls and  breakage( necessary for a clutz like me).

Effectiveness: 🍑 Although it was not so evident in pore tightening, I appreciate the effect it gave in controlling my oily skin. It does leave my skin a little bit dewy after using it plus it cleans out all the left over dirt on my face. It also gave me an initial “bumps forming” reaction.

Price:🍑 It’s currentyly sold for $1.50 @ Althea.kr if I’m not mistaken. 

Availability: It was only available online.

Score Points: 1 point equivalent to 🍑. Total score is 5.

Score interpretation:


🍑🍑🍑-Good enough to try but won’t repurchase. 🙄


What Korean skincare products have you guys tried?



After you’ve picked out the items you’d like to purchase, apply the discount code mentioned above and ensure that the discount is reflected in the total amount. Please note that there are minimum purchase amounts you have to hit before you’re eligible for the discount based on your country. Now you’re ready to check out!


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  1. Purchased this toner too I hated the scent of alcohol in it. Great for removing impurities similar to a local brand i use, eskinol. Does not tighten pores agree to that. Nice review.

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