Affordable Make Up Brushes

Makeup brushes every makeup junkie needs!

Happy Monday to everyone! 

Today’s blog is all about MAKEUP Brushes. We all need them at some point in our life. So here are my top makeup brushes!


I for one was a beginner in makeup and picking up the right tool was a struggle! And yes the struggle was real! I purchased my first brush set at a local store that was around just 50 pesos (php) for the whole set but I didn’t get to use  it or use them at all! It was flimsy and just not worth purchasing. I did get what I paid for. I finally decided to look for makeup brushes that would really work. So here are the items I collected over the past year. Most of the items that will be mentioned are affordable and locally available in most drugstores except for one, which will be discussed in a bit. So let’s begin!

I purchased these brushes at SM Watsons. They were from the brand “MARIONNAUD” I don’t really know where it was made from but the quality of the bristles are so soft and they didn’t shed so much after like 10 washes. Yes, I do wash my brushes on a regular basis, once a week just to get rid of the bacteria causing germs. N30 Powder brush 249php($5). N32 Blush brush 139php(approx $2).

On top: Powder Brush. Great for setting powder all over the face.

Lower: Blush Brush. This could also be used as a contour brush.


Next are brushes form Elf. Widely available  & super affordable. 

On top: Elf Flat top brush. Great for blending foundation and BB creams. The bristles on this particular brush is so soft. 

Lower: Elf Complexion Brush. I use this for adding powder highlights. It had a tapered tip that distributes the product lightly. It can also be used to set under eye concealers.


This is a knock off version of the anastasia brushes, but not sure if they sold paddle brushes. I purchased this at a local store way back. It was priced at 150 php ($2.50) This is also available at DAISO.   Paddle brushes are great to blend foundation and concealers. I use this particular one to blend my concealer especially heavy or high coverage types. It does not leave any streaks. It had a plastic handle. The top area of the brush glides to the contours of the face without adding pressure due to the bent  or curved design of the brush.


Moving on to Eyeliner Brushes:

Essence Precise Eyeliner Brush. I saw this on Denitslava’s Eyebrow Tutorial on Youtube. She’s so amazingly talented in makeup! She used this brush to apply eyebrow pomade on her brows. This brush is so precise. I use it as an eyeliner or do map out my eyebrows. I made a separate review on it. Click here to read more about it.

Colourpop’s Angled Eyeliner Brush. This brush had a rather wide tip as compared to the essence precise brush. I use this to apply eyebrow products. The wide applicator makes is great to spread out the product on my brows. With the precise line it draws, I can precisely map out my brows. I made a review on this too! To read more about it click here!


Sigma Bent Liner in B12. Out of all the brushes this would be the most expensive one. Priced at $9. To know more about it click here. I made a review on this months ago. Why I like it, it makes a very precise cat eye look! I’m all about eyeliners. I can do away with eye shadows. 

Saving the best for last. Blending brush. I got this along with my past March IPSY GLAMBAG.

Skone Blending Brush. Why I love it? I blends eye shadows like a pro. I use to love the Wet N Wild blending brush but keep grabbing onto this one instead. It has soft bristles and does not shed after a few washes.

All opinions are mine. This post is not sponsored. What are your most loved makeup brushes? Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Monday!

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11 thoughts on “Affordable Make Up Brushes

  1. Omg your post came in handy! I was seriously thinking of buying a set of brushes as I am still a beginner! I really need the last eyeshadow blending brush 😍😍😍 thanks for posting this! Have a great Monday!

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