What’s your eyeliner type? Drustore edition


Finding the right type of eyeliners in the market is a struggle. And yes people, the struggle is real! I’m a newbie in this makeup stuff, so why not share with you guys the “types of eyeliners” I’ve tried in the past. Maybe in a way, this might guide you in seeking the “perfect” eyeliner at an affordable price. Some of these products have  been mentioned on previous post, so you guys might like to check those out. So moving on with the types on eyeliners.

Felt tip liners

This type of eyeliner is the most beginner friendly. Out of the bunch this gives the most control. Felt tip liners give off a glossy black color and some of them flake off during the day. Although some claims that these are waterproof, I beg to differ! Most of them are really not waterproof. Atleast the ones I’ve tested. The only downside of this particular one is that it dries out when the cap is left off. My most used felt tip liner is form Loreal in the voluminous noir. It has a very fine tip that draws a line evenly. Although not waterproof, I can work with it.

Gel liners

Gel formula liners may come in a pen or be in a pot. This has a very smooth application also blendable and smudgable perfect for a smokey eye. Most formulas are waterproof and if your seeking for something that lasts all day, This might be your type. I tested the nyx epic black liner and so far this is my go to. To create cat eye’s I simply use any angled liner brush and tada. Thin lines are created. The sephora gel liner crayon is super easy to use. It lasted me months and the formula still is as good when I bought it. But it ain’t waterproof and transfers. The essence gel eyeliner was my fave but for some reason it completely dried out after a month.

Kohl eyeliners

Kohl eye liner is a soft powder available in dark matte shades. It is most often used in black to outline the eyes. It comes in pencil, pressed powder, or loose powder form. This type of eye liner is more likely to smudge. I purchased the Wet N Wild Kohl crayon pencil and I was amazed by how smoothly it applied.

Drugstore eyeliners
Drugstore eyeliners

What is your eyeliner type?

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20 thoughts on “What’s your eyeliner type? Drustore edition

  1. Eyeliner is my must have beauty product and am very particular about the certain eyeliner that I use. I always use a felt tip liner esp love the Sephora Collection one. Haven’t tried the kohl one which Ill try someday. Apart from Sephora, which other eyeliners are good or which one did you like?

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