Face Mapping

Face mapping is there any TRUTH to it? I’ve seen this trend EVERYWHERE! I was even diagnosed by a friend( not a professional in skincare) that I might have cancer just by having a zit on my chin. By the way, were not friends anymore. Who would wish cancer to anyone? People sometimes. Anyways, back to the topic. All because of face mapping.

What the is FACE MAPPING?

Acne breakouts are due to your lifestyle. What if our blemishes could talk? Where you break out may reveal something about you? If a blemish appears on the forehead, according to this theory, a person might have digestive problems. Even heart problems! Really?

Basically if a blemish appears to any part of your face, this might indicate an organ problem. WOW! AMAZEBALLS! But thankfully there is no truth to it!


According to Dr. Pimple Popper ( Dr. Sandra Lee), A known dermatologist on an episode on the Doctors. They do have “clues” onto how they professionally diagnose a blemish. Blemishes are due to hormones, genetics and basically your skin type. Dermatologist assess our skin as patients according to the area where blemishes are prominent. So there is some truth in face mapping but not as accurate as dermatologists would explain. For example if a breakout is prominent on the forehead, this could also be known as “pomade acne”. The blemishes may be due to hair products reacting to the skin. Heavy product causing grease on the hair then transferring it to the forehead.


For cheeks especially on males may indicate “steroid acne”. Anabolic steroids produce abrupt acne but only if diagnosed by a dermatologist.


Hormonal imbalance may be the underlying cause of chin or mandible area acne and even PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). Also common in athlete wearing chin straps.


It might be acne or eczema. Keep track of where your problem areas are and discuss them with your doctor. I myself love to self treat my acne at home but one thing to consider is that if the blemish persist it is best to seek a professional dermatologist!


Thanks for stopping by! Until the next post! XOXO

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