Secriss Pure Nature Mask White Pearl

Purchased at Althea Korea for $1.00 currently 66% off original price of $3.00. iloveyouso

Product Claim:

Natural derived seven ingredients care for skin troubles thoroughly and make healthy and shiny. A skin-friendly and gentle ingredient builds a water layer and protects sensitive skin. Highly concentrated undiluted ampule helps delivering moisturized feeling deep into the skin and it maintains moist skin for a long time. Pearl extract makes skin tone clean and bright. Made in Korea.

Secriss Pure Nature Mask White Pearl
Secriss Pure Nature Mask White Pearl

How to use:

  1. Apply toner after cleansing face.
  2. Remove mask from packet and place on face evenly.
  3. Leave on for 15-20 mins and remove. Gently press remaining excess.

My thoughts:

Scent: Had a mild perfumey “clean” scent. The mask was soaked in essence. There was a lot of extra squeezed out of the pack.

Essence: Clear and lightweight. Felt sticky at first but then dried on my skin leaving it well moisturized. 

Secriss Pure Nature Mask White Pearl
1st image: The extra essence squeezed out from the pack. 2nd image: The mask texture.

Fitting: The mask fit my face contours perfectly! 

Secriss Pure Nature Mask White Pearl
Secriss Pure Nature Mask White Pearl Selfie!



Cotton and soft on skin. Although once the mask was drying up it kinda “tingled a bit on my lower cheek area. But there was no redness or inflammation. Left the mask on for 30 mins. 

Overall, the mask was okay. As for the brightening claims, I did not see any change in my skintone or lightening of my very prominent pimple marks. The mask had a very “cooling effect” once applied which is great to calm tired skin. I will say that this mask did moisturized my skin so well that my dry patches disappeared the following day. I use sheet masks at night because I like to take time while using them. My skintype is oily to combination plus sensitive. I did notice that it made my skin itch soon after I used this mask which is a no no for sensitive skin so I would not recommend this.


🍍 /5 Because it was just a $1.00 and it was a great moisturizing sheet mask but not brightening as claimed. It also made my skin itch after!

Will I repurchase:

Uhm, maybe not since it irritated my skin.

Where to buy:

Althea Korea for $1.00(shipping and customs fee not included). 

That’s all for today’s post. What sheet mask have you guys tried?

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