Pinay youtubers who blogged!

Hello beauties! I hope everyone is having a splendid morning or evening. Today’s post is about Pinay youtubers who I never thought had a blog! I just wanted to share why I find these beautiful “nilalang” so inspiring for me that I just went out and made a blog about them. Apart from their booming youtube subscribers, They all had a blog which makes me feel a bit normal. To be a blogger. So here they are!



I used to binge watch all of her makeup tutorial videos. She also has a separate channel for her daily vlogs with the fam anneclutzvlogs. She is a mom of two, Jeya and Joo with her husband Kikz who also has a cooking channel titled Kitz Clutzina. Her husband posts about easy to cook home meals. Mostly filipino cuisine. Since 2014, I was a subbie to her channel. Back then, I had no makeup routine, no skincare, no sunscreen, no nothing. Just a maybelline lipbalm. Her videos were all about makeup and skincare product reviews. After watching her skincare routine video I started getting into skincare myself. All products she recommended were so affordable and easy to find in grocery stores or at the famous “watsons”. By now she has evolved to one of the most influential beauty guru in the Philippines. I’ve seen her channel grow and I personally wish her the best.



She is a proud mom of her son with a very bubbly personality. I anticipate her daily vlogs because watching her made me feel like we could be friends. She makes every event in her life a learning experience. Also a makeup and skincare vlogger. I personally search for filipina vloggers primarily for the skintone match, so when searching a foundation shade, I would get  a 90% match rather than swatching all testers on the counter. I was surprised to see her blog. She does post much as compared to her youtube channnel. I can see why they opt for youtube. I mean, business there is booming! If only I had the guts to create a channel, but I guess not. Kudos to youtubers!



One of the pioneers in youtube! She was the only Filipina vlogger I could search for at that time. Way back 2011.  The first ever video I saw from her channel was titled All about Kilay,  I didn’t know how to draw or sculpt my brows. All I knew was plucking them. She made it so simple on how to achieve a natural looking brows with drugstore makeup. Her channel has been consistently growing. She also vlogs about skincare, makeup and life lessons. She is very independent, and straightforward which is why I’ve been a subbie for years now. One particular topic that struck me the most was how she handled haters. She just killed them with kindness. Hate is just a waste of times. Up to date, Saytioco makes quick makeup tutorial using easy to find drugstore products. My go to channel on “how to” makeup!





Her youtube channel started 2 years ago then skyrocketed to almost 200k subbies. Her channel is all about makeup mostly high end. First time I saw her vlog, She was so “down to earth”. With all the success she has right now, you can really feel her passion in makeup. If I’m not mistaken, she already is a Makeup artist. I’ve seen her vlogs about how she joined and trained as an MUA. She had a collab with MAC and HUDA BEAUTY sent her so many makeup stuff! You gotta see what visit her channel to see what I’m talking about. She has 3 pomeranians.  I was really surprised to see her blog. Never thought they blogged before. Maybe youtube really is booming. Wishing her all the best too! She is just so passionate in what she does. 

All of these lovely youtubers inspired me to make a blog of my own. In just little things they post, they did help me in a way to apply makeup and influenced me so much to go out there to try, swatch and test makeup & skincare products. I used to be so insecure to walk on the beauty aisle  especially when being approached by a sales consultant!I would always purchase a foundation too light or too dark for me. But now, come to think of it, it’s just makeup. It’s something to play around with! Not aiming to be a Makeup Artist or Beauty Guru, I just wanted to wear makeup to enhance my face. To look awake and alive because sometimes stress makes me look like a zombie! If they could only read this. (I wish!). I just want to say a big THANK YOU! To all of them!  I hope you  guys get a chance to visit their channels and blogs. 

The opinions expressed here are mine. 


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24 thoughts on “Pinay youtubers who blogged!

  1. Anneclutz Purpleheress Saytioco Annacay had blogs? OMGEEEEEE! I gotta check this out pero sa youtube kasi masmalakas tlga ang hatak sa mga tao as compared sa blog. Na appreciate ko yung bloggers tulad mo kasi atleast explained pg product reviews pag kasi sa video, color lang nakikita ko kumbaga na auto filter na yung face nila.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for you kind comment po. I agree with all you points and most blogger use filters and edit most of their pictures too. Like youtubers, we all just want to share our thoughts. Maraming salamat sa pag appreciate ng munting blog ko na to! Thanks for stopping by. Mabuhay mga pinay bloggers!Hehe


  2. I love watching YouTubers but I don’t like them behaving “plastic”. In real life some of them are snobbish and won’t even bother to say hi.Nagiging exaggerated pagkabait nila. Yun pla gusto lng nila ng LIKE FOLLOW! Hindi ako galit. Just venting out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello.😀 I guess so but I don’t think they behave differently in real life because that would be tough to do. Surely, in blogging or vlogging, they have their own ways of gaining more traffic but that entirely is up to them. Not all successfull online influencers get fame just based on the number of likes and followers. Content plays a major role. Plagiarism is very common. But not that I’m pointing to anyone. Overall I just mentioned the above YouTubers as a personal preference. I sure hope you get to check them out. Or maybe not. Thanks for stopping by! 😁


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