Update Eye See tries it: Armpit Detox

Hello beautiful friends! Today’s post is about an update on the Eye See Tries it series. . .Armpit Detox. Now I know that armpit detox is not really necessary for all lovely creatures of the world. But for some, like me, I really hate the smell of my stinky pits. I’ve gone deodorant less for almost a year before moving to the US. Back in the Philippines, I use lemons or calamansi as my daily deo. It did work to remove my body odor but did nothing to control my sweaty pits. I do sweat a moderate amount of sweat (if that makes any sense). I mean during hot summer days, my armpits would definitely sweat ( like a normal person would). So I decided to move back to store bought deodorants (dove and nivea). My armpits got a shade darker due to that switch. So then I, again, finally decided to go deodorant less. And then bam! Body odor! That’s the reason behind the armpit detox.

You can click here to head over my part 1 series.

After a month of testing this concoction from Simply Ginger. BTW I use the mask once a week with apple cider vinegar.

************************warning armpit content********************

Eye see tries it; Armpit detox
Eye see tries it; Armpit detox


  • Mask takes a while to dry (45 mins. to make it like the picture above).
  • I still sweat but my pits don’t stink that much unlike the first weeks.
  • Did not irritate my skin anymore.
  • After applying the mask, the next day, my armpits stink! But after a few days, I don’t smell anything! It’s a weird method, I know, So I called my smell-o-meter (my husband) to double check and as described I don’t smell as bad as I did before starting this process.
  • The natural deodorant smelled so good but made my armpits darker. So I discontinued using it.

Overall I did see a bit of improvement with regards to my stinky pits. I will still continue doing this detox until I am satisfied with the results. As for the natural deodorant, I’m giving it a thumbs down. It made my pits a little darker after using it for a month. I am very particular with deodorants and antiperspirants nowadays. But still this “armpit detox” might just be working for me, so I’ll keep detoxing theses pits of mine. As instructed, I will be using this once a week. This is not the end of my armpit series! So keep posted for my part 3!

 “Honesty is more than not lying. It is truth telling, truth speaking, truth living and truth loving.”

-James Faust

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-Eye See by Joysee

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4 thoughts on “Update Eye See tries it: Armpit Detox

  1. I think you are so brave posting this particular topic. I tried the armpit detox but with my own formula. Key points to remember was the magic component BENTONITE CLAY. Deodorants are history in my books! Great post! I enjoyed reading your topics. Please keep your website! We need this!

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