Get or forget: Dr. Brant’s Pores No More Luminizer Primer

Pores No More! An illuminizing primer to blur out pores. Apply to clean clean or moisturized skin. Use alone or all over makeup, all over the face or on desired areas for a natural radiant look. A illuminating primer preps the face for makeup while it assists in giving the skin a more radiant appearance. Its mineral complex works bounces light off the skin, creating the appearance of a natural-looking, luminous glow. It claims to be good for all skin types ans is the solution for blurring out pores, dullness and uneven texture.

What is a Luminizer Primer?
Luminizer Primer lights up your complexion with a combination of optical diffusers, illuminating crushed stardust pearls, and pore-perfecting ingredients to help refine and lessen the look of pores, providing a subtle sheen and a smoother canvas. Light-reflecting illuminators create a natural-looking luminescence, while soft-focus technology helps visibly blur imperfections—leaving skin youthful-looking and glowing. Lentil seed extract helps visibly tighten pores, strengthen pore walls, and improve skin’s texture.

This product claims to be the perfect product to create a natural look. Use it during the day as an all-over primer for a glowy look and reapply at night as a highlighter to accentuate your face’s natural contours.

Sounds promising and too good to be true?eh?
No this is not a “bad finger”.

Let’s put it o the test. I have oily to combination skin, meaning I have and oily T-zone and some dryness on my cheeks.

I applied  a pea sized amount on my  newly washed cheeks particularly where large pores are visible, on my cheeks and forehead, and immediately I noticed a subtle glow. I only moisturized my skin before applying this primer. It had a beige tint, felt like silicone and blends smooth on the skin. This is my left cheek (singular). I did still notice my pores.

*Applied only the primer
Applied the primer to my bare face. See my pores?

*With Foundation and powder
With foundation and powder

Then I tested the primer with a matte foundation ( Nyx Total Control Foundation). Blended out the foundation with a brush and set it again with powder. From a distance my pores are not so evident but on close up I can still see those little craters (pores). It did smooth out and blend the foundation but the illuminating property disappeared. I guess the illuminating effect seems better without makeup foundation. After a few hours I took a photo in natural lighting the illuminizing powers came! And it made me look so oily! I love the dewy look on my cheeks but not on the forehead.

The camera does not capture how greasy my face looks. Once light touches the areas I focused primer on, the more it emphasized my pores and shines bright like a diamond. It did not make my look poreless at all. Maybe this would work on dry skin. I have oily to combination skin, But in hot summer days I do oil up in my T-zones. Maybe if you have dry skin this would work but not for the poreless properties. I should day this looks great for highlighting cheekbones just not for pores.


  • Lightweight
  • Luminizes indeed
  • Blends well
  • Initially blurred out pores


  • Not long lasting. Pores were visible through out the day
  • Makes my skin greasy after a few hours
  • Emphasizes my pores
  • Not great for oily skin

I say FORGET this product (if you have oily skin). The product claimed to be get “pores no more” and “would work for all skin types” but it didn’t. I have oily to combination skin. Maybe this would work for those with normal to dry skin just not for me. I was expecting it to blurr out my pores. . .sigh. . .I really wanted this product to work. But oh well, What do you guys recommend? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for stopping by!

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”

-Coco Chanel

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