Sheetmask Day!

Hello beauties and welcome to Eyeseesomething! Let’s start August with a skincare blog. Since today is a Tuesday, then it  must be a sheet mask day! Featuring Wangskin White Flower Mask Pack. I purchased mine at for only $0.80. You may use this CODE to get $15 off on your first puchase! ( For new customers only). Anyways, Let me tell you all about this “whitening, anti-ageing and multi-effect mask pack”.
Wangskin white Flower Mask Pack

Product Claims:

White flower mask pack soothes dry skin with a variety of white flower extracts. It instantly absorbs into the skin providing water, moisture and nutrients.  Formulated with lily extracts to rejuvinate, build and refresh skin. White lotus extracts that focuses on skin renewal for radiant skin glow. Edelweiss extract to protect and hydrate the skin. Chamomile extract to calm, heal and relax inflammed skin. Aloe Vera extract to soothe skin and lastly 7 kinds of herbal extracts to ease and relax the skin in general. They also added ” Nicotinoyl dipeptide-23″ which is a cross-functioning vita peptides that work to control activation of melanin cells thus giving off a more birghter and more vibrant looking skin.


How to use:

  1. After cleansing, apply preferred moisturizer.
  2. Take the mask out and apply it evenly on face spreading out the air bubbles to make the mask’s essence adhere better.
  3. Apply it for 15-25 minutes then discard. Pat the remaining essence onto skin.

The mask was soaked in essence so it took me a total of 45 mins and the mask was still a little damp. The scent was weird though. I was expecting it to smell like fresh flowers, but it wasn’t. Thankfully the scent didn’t last.

Wangskin White Flower Mask Pack

The sheet mask came in a fiber type  that looked similar to a cleaning wipe but way softer. The mask was relatively “thinner” as compared to the daiso and biorepublic mask I’ve tested in the past. The fitting was perfect for my asian face. Many get confused on the term “whitening” when it comes to asian skincare. Mainly the focus of the product was to lighten up hyper pigmentation such as pimple marks and evening out the skin tone. The formula of the essence made my skin a bit sticky and dewy as the mask dried up. Sheet mask are best worn at night, in my opinion because it takes time to fully absorb the mask which usually takes 45 minutes. The next day, I did notice a glow on my face. It did brighten up my skintone just a tiny bit but I love it! This mask is perfect to use before an event for an extra glow. The mask is great for those with tired, dull skin in need of a little boost in appearance (Like me!).

Where to buy:

Althea Korea. Get $15 off your first purchase! For new customers only. You may also receive $15 off if you refer friends! Valid until October 2017. Free shipping for orders above $50!

What sheet mask have you guys enjoyed using?

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9 thoughts on “Sheetmask Day!

  1. I’ve been a frequent visitor for a month now, I would say that your posts are very interesting. I’m not into makeup that much but love skincare especially affordable ones. Thanks for putting it out there. I will consider purchasing items you recommended since I too have sensitive skin and i think it’s about time for me to care for my skin. Holla from the philippines! Keep posting! Thanks for sharing!

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