Korean Skincare HAUL

K beauty products have been on the market for years and the thing that I love is how AFFORDABLE each item is sold plus, if not always, they plug in the SALE tag so quickly! I just had to snag a bunch to test out and see if the hype about Korean beauty products. I’ve purchased a few from Althea Korea . The company is based in Korea an all skincare products sold are authentically made in Korea.

The items I got are mostly sheet masks, a toner and a serum. My skin suffers from oiliness on my T-zone, dry patches on the sides of my nose and a few little bumps around my forehead and cheek. Every time I test out a new product, my skin would react by letting out more whiteheads than it already has. So I stopped using an alcohol based toner and heavy facial creams. Back in the day, I was addicted to whitening creams and spf. Then I would exfoliate my skin with the Saint Ives apricot scrub that made my skin worse! I had huge acne forming on the sides of my chin. So I had to stop whatever it was I was applying or doing to my skin. Also I had to clean up my diet, that is to slow down on sugar and carbs. Wow that was a long “skincare history” but to sum it all up, I stopped the heavy creams, harsh micro beads and stuck to milder skincare options. For now I only use a facial wash and an oil free moisturizer. I did notice my skin clearing up a bit then it left a lot of scars. Which was my next concern. So I purchased sheet masks, pore minimizing and anti-ageing toner and a vit. c serum. (Items will be individually reviewed so don’t worry, I got you =).

Korean Skincare HAUL
Korean Skincare HAUL

Pure Nature Mask White Pearl
White Flower Mask Pack
Power 10 Formula VC Effect ( Vit C serum)
Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask
Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet CAT&PUG
Y.E.T Don’t worry Mask Sheet in Oil Control & Nutition
Premium Metal Snow Mask (25g)
Pore Solution Super Elastic Mask Pack
Original Essence Mask Strawberry & Gold
Pore Tightening Fresh Toner (300ml) / Peeling Pad (Toner)

Most are brightening mask to target the pimple scars on my forehead and chin area. I’ll be featuring each mask on upcoming posts so KEEP POSTED. Also, as an incentive, I would like to share $15 off on your purchase by clicking on this link.  

By the way all masks are priced at $1.75 and below! I got some for only .75 cents. The toner and serum was at around $7.75 each. Althea Korea delivers worldwide and offers free shipping for orders above $50. My grand total was around $30 plus a shipping fee of $7 with a total of $37. So head on over there and check out korean beauty products ranging form skincare, makeup and more! The shipment took about 9 days for the products to come. Althea just turned 2 years old this month! I hope more discounts will come =).

Where to buy:

Althea Korea. Get $15 off your first purchase! For new customers only. You may also receive $15 off if you refer friends! Valid until October 2017. Free shipping for orders above $50!

What korean skincare or beauty products have you guys tried?

The opinions expressed here are mine and not those of any advertiser, company, affiliate or group. This post is not sponsored. If you have a product in mind for us to try, Send us an email!   This blog is not intended to speak in behalf of experts or professionals in skincare, makeup or anything you guys might think of related to our posts. Please note that the items reviewed may and may not work for you. Thanks for stopping by! Until the next post! XOXO


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    1. @guru your welcome! ♥️ The discount is valid until October 2017. For new customers only. The great thing about althea.kr is that you may earn points for every purchase. Thanks for stopping by! 🐰


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