Elf Eyeshadow Palette

I had this palette for a while now, I  got this last Christmas in target. It came with an eyeshadow brush for $5. All I can hear at that time was ‘cha-ching” money saved. So this blog is about the Elf palette. I’ll be sharing some swatches so let’s start scrolling the screen shall we?

elf eyeshadow palette

The palette comes in 48 shades. It had a pocket notebook size similar to a cellphone. The eyeshadows had a silky powdery formula and the color pigment was okay. I had to pick up more product to build up the color. And ofcourse, there was a lot of fall outs.


I swatched them in natural lighting. They have a lot of warm tones in the palette. Great for everyday natural make up or to give a little color on your lids.


  • Wide color selection
  • Easy to blend
  • Variety of matte and shimmer shades
  • Size is great for travel
  • Affordable


  • Color pay off is not so great, comes off too light
  • Very chalky
  • Limited edition

I wonder if this is similar to the new palettes released by elf. Have you guys tried it? Please let me know in the comments section. Thanks for stopping by!

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