My skincare favorites

Hello beautiful people of the internet!🥑 Welcome to another blog! 😍 Today's blog is about my skincare favorites. Now this might be similar to, well, some call it "My skincare routine". My skin is very sensitive. Sometimes I just do away with makeup because if I wear makeup everyday, I would breakout! I also have oily [...]

July Favorites

Hello beauties! I hope you guys are all doing well. Today is another blog about makeup and skincare favorites! Another month has end. Can't believe that time flew by so fast. Enough with the intro, and may I present to you my JULY FAVORITES! Again, just to put it out there, I have oily to [...]

Korean Skincare HAUL

K beauty products have been on the market for years and the thing that I love is how AFFORDABLE each item is sold plus, if not always, they plug in the SALE tag so quickly! I just had to snag a bunch to test out and see if the hype about Korean beauty products. I've [...]

Maybelline Creamy Mattes

If your into matte lipstick but hate that drying lips after effect. These creamy mattes from Maybelline might be a safe bet. These lipsticks are so creamy and easy to use. It comes in a brown acrylic matte packaging, I purchased the shades Nude Nuance and Touch of Spice. Touch of Spice has a brown [...]

Essence Precise Eyeliner Brush

One word for this PRECISE!!!!!!This would be my cheapest eyeliner that works amazing. I got this for $2! The Essence Precise Eyeliner Brush Super accurate, this eyeliner brush is suitable for the application of gel eyeliners as well as creamy eye shadow or expressive pigments. The ideal brush to draw a precise line. This eyeliner [...]

NYX Mircobrow Pencil Review

They say that eyebrows frame the face. Imagine a face without eyebrows?. I used to pluck my eyebrows to a really thin line like. Remember Gwen Stefani brows? (She looks great by the way) Even she had her brow game re vamped! I'd overpluck them until they were history. But thankfully those days are behind [...]

Biorepublic Aloe Rescue Sheet Mask Review

Today, let's talk about sheet mask. Summer not only heats up the place, it also dehydrates my skin. So I added another player in my skincare routine! I have oily to combination skin type just to put it out there. Sheet masks are face-shaped sheet fabrics soaked in nutrition-packed solution called serum. The sheet is made up of variety of [...]

Maybelline’s FitMe Matte and Poreless Foundation

MATTE? and PORELESS? Introducing Maybelline's Matte and Poreless foundation. Now, this product claims to keep your face matte and blurr out pores to make it poreless! Interesting. . .Let's test it out shall we? Packaging The product comes in a glass bottle. It has no pump and product just pours out from the container. I [...]

Elf Blush Palette

This is an amazing inexpensive blush palette for only $6. I purchased mine at a local target.  Almost all  make up and drugstore sell this baby! The blush palette contains a large mirror and 4 blushes. The formulation comes in a compact powder blush type. There are two shades of the palette, a light and [...]

Lippies that I’m currently LOVING!

Hi beauties! Today is all about my favorite drugstore lippies! I personally chose these affordable lip products because they keep my lips moisturized and at the same time give off a great tint. If you wanna know more about these lippies, let's keep reading shall we? Maybelline Colorshow in red my lips I purchased this [...]

Ardell Brow Defining Kit Review

If your looking for a subtle, natural, not too much but perfect looking brows. Look no further! I've been testing this eyebrow defining kit from Ardell and I finally found a way to use it! Again, I am no expert on make up and eyebrows on fleek, but I do know how to groom, shape [...]

Wet N Wild Lipstick

  I love anything drugstore makeup but good enough to try. My Wet N Wild makeup is slowly dominating it's room in my make up collection. I love their highlighters so why not try out their lippies. Wet n Wild cosmetics are available on almost all drugstore or supermarkets. Each lipstick is in a plastic [...]

Eye See goes camping

Things to do during the summer, other than visiting the beach or taking a dip on the pool. Why not camping? Anyone? Just kidding. Camping in the backyard is totally different as compared to camping in mother natures woods. Yes, this is my first official camping activity in the real woods. There is no electricity [...]

Mario Badescu Facial Spray Review

Summer is here! Let's talk about skincare shall we? Aside from sun protection, skin hydration is a must! Drinking H2O is still the most effective way to keep your body hydrated. But let's give our face some extra love with Facial Sprays! Facial sprays help boost skin's radiance by helping skin better absorb good skincare [...]

Milani Conceal+Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation

Picked up a new foundation at the drugstore for $10. That contains 30 ml of the product. Not bad! I struggle with picking out my foundation shades especially if the testers are not available. I rely on reviews, images and foundation swatches before I purchase any product. On this blog, I wanted to share my [...]