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I love a good precise eyeliner. I purchased this Sigma Bent Liner Brush  basically to master my cat eye skills. I am not an expert nor a make up artist. But I still would love to perfect my eyeliner game. I was intrigued by the claims of this particular brush. It had a pointed brush tip with bent ferrule designed to make eyeliner application easy as pie. But not really, the brush tip was too long but I guess practice makes perfect. I just need to get use to the size. The bristles are soft, I hope it was stiffer. Also, the bristles spread out after cleaning.


For the demo I use  my nyx epic black liner mousse. The B12 brush can create thick and thin lines. The tip of the brush is great to outline the cat eye flick. I had to dip all sides of the brush to get an even distribution of the gel liner. A light hand is needed to apply liner with this brush. I was a bit disappointed with the performance since I was expecting a lot of “preciseness” considering the price. But hey, there is a lot of room for improvement, I just need to practice using this.


What sigma products have you guys tried?I’d love to know.

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