Wet N Wild Make up Brushes Review

Quick view
  • Two-toned synthetic fibers
  • Short, angled bristles
  • Ergonomic handle for total control

This small precision brush features short, angled bristles designed to line and define your eyes.

Featuring two-toned synthetic Polymax fibers made of an exclusive thermoplastic polymer complex that mimics the consistency of natural hairs to pick up formula effortlessly.  Holds any cream, powder, or liquid formula without absorption.

  • Cruelty Free, Gluten Free, Vegan
  • Exclusively designed ergonomic handle for total control

wet n wild never tests on animals.  We believe in beauty without cruelty!  None of our furry, feathery, or scaly friends were harmed in the making of this product.


The Brushes had a white handle, ferrule and bristles. The toe part of the brush had a pink color.


The bristles are synthetic and are so soft in texture.


Fan Brush and Small Stipple Brush costs 2.99 each

Crease Brush 0.99

Smoky Liner Brush 0.99

You can check out their link for more brushes



When using the brush, It does pick up enough product. They have a small dent on the side similar to a pen.


For stippling foundation


For Highlighting




  • Affordable
  • Super soft texture
  • Hair does not fall off after cleaning
  • Cruelty free =)


  • NONE!

Wet N Wild brushes are okay to try out but I personally think they won’t last that long especially if you love cleaning out your brushes after a few uses. I don’t find them flimsy at all and they are lightweight. If your just starting to play with makeup like I am, I would recommend this to play around. Plus it won’t cost a fortune. I have nothing bad to say about this brushes plus I love the color. Comment down below if you if these brushes worked out for you. It may help others too.

The opinions expressed here are mine and not those of any advertiser, company, affiliate or group. This post is not sponsored. If you have a product in mind for us to try, Send us an email!   This blog is not intended to speak in behalf of experts or professionals in skincare, makeup or anything you guys might think of related to our posts. Please note that the items reviewed may and may not work for you. Thanks for stopping by! Until the next post! XOXO

-Eye See by Joysee

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