Holika Holika Pet Magic Mask Sheet Review

Transform into your favorite animal while still maintaining good skin with the Holika Holika Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet. Watch as these masks change from “adult “ animals with troubled skin to “baby” pets as you wear them! Claims: The cute cat character mask sheet refreshes and soothes skin, leaving soft feeling with its soothing [...]

Elf Instant Lift Brow Pencil Review

Hello and Welcome to Eye See Something. Today's post is all about them eyebrows! Drawing my eyebrows is my most difficult task when it comes to my makeup routine. But I'm practicing whenever I can to achieve my #eyebrowgoals! I found this inexpensive eyebrow pen from elf. At my local drugstore it's priced at $2 [...]

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello beauties & Welcome to EyeSeeSomething!   I was kindly nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award! While I was browsing my blog, an orange button suddenly "dinged" then it was a comment by Lashes Love & Laughter Also known as holliesblog854 on WordPress. She nominated me for this lovely award! I am so SHOOKD! Thanks so much! I'm really [...]

Mystery Blogger Award

WHAT IS MYSTERY BLOGGER AWARD? “Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and [...]

Sheetmask Day!

Introducing. . . Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask! Purchased this mask for $1.75 at Althea Korea. Currently 23% off the original price of $2.30  (Shipping and International customs fee not included). Product Details: Dear Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask is a concentrated moisturizing mask containing a rich blend of nutrients and plant extracts and specially [...]

How I remove my BLACKHEADS!

Hello Beauties! Welcome to Eye See Something Blog. For the past month, I've been testing out a hack on how  to remove blackheads using baking soda and a pore strip remover. I usually purchase the Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strip remover from Ulta. My blackheads are not that prominent and oftentimes I use the strip [...]

Loreal Voluminous Noir Liner

Hello beauties! I hope everyone is having a splendid morning or evening wherever you are I hope all is well and  welcome to Eye See Something! Today were gonna be talking about eyeliners. Yes, it is a struggle to create a cat eye on a daily basis. Needless to say, makeup application does not always [...]

Burt Bees Lip Shimmer Review

Taking a break form matte lipstick that dry out my lips. I've decided to test out this  Burt Bees Lip Shimmer. My lips would crack all day maybe due to dehydration or just lack of lip moisture. So why not grab a lip balm instead! I've included lip swatches of every tube, so if you [...]

Sheetmask Day!

Hello guys! Welcome to another Eye See Something!  Today is another sheet mask day featuring Pure Smile Strawberry Essence Mask. Purchased this mask at Althea korea for $0.75 plus shipping. Also I added a promo code to get $15 off your first purchase! For new customers only. You may also receive $15 off if you refer [...]

Inexpensive Make Up Remover

Organic and natural based products are on the rise in makeup and skincare. More and more consumers would grab on to anything with an "organic" theme. So why not test it out. Coconut oil is used in many natural beauty products, and for good reason: It's naturally antibacterial and anti fungal, coconut oil for skin [...]

B&SOAP Premium Metal Aqua Mask

Hello beauties! Today is another sheet mask day! Featuring B&SOASP Premium Metal Aqua Mask. I purchased this baby at Althea.kr for $1.75 plus shipping. They had a catchy claim "Change at one burst with metal mask!". This is my first time ever trying a metal sheet mask! So I'm super duuuuuper excited to test this [...]

Hair Straightening Routine

My hair is thin, naturally curly and wavy. I can remember wanting to permanently straighten my hair by rebonding. I would do this yearly. Little did I know that hair rebonding has many damaging effects rather than good ones. I had to stop killing my hair roots so I decided to just stop those harsh [...]

Get or forget: Dr. Brant’s Pores No More Luminizer Primer

Pores No More! An illuminizing primer to blur out pores. Apply to clean clean or moisturized skin. Use alone or all over makeup, all over the face or on desired areas for a natural radiant look. A illuminating primer preps the face for makeup while it assists in giving the skin a more radiant appearance. Its [...]

It’s Skin Vitamin C Serum REVIEW

Hi! Welcome to another eye see something! Today's blog is about It's Skin Vitamin C Serum. Serums are similar to sheet masks minus the mask. This particular one claims to brighten up dark spots on the face and neck so I immediately added it to my bag of items. I purchased this at Althea.kr for [...]

Sheetmask Day!

Hello beauties and welcome to Eyeseesomething! Let's start August with a skincare blog. Since today is a Tuesday, then it  must be a sheet mask day! Featuring Wangskin White Flower Mask Pack. I purchased mine at Althea.kr for only $0.80. You may use this CODE to get $15 off on your first puchase! ( For new [...]

My skincare favorites

Hello beautiful people of the internet!🥑 Welcome to another blog! 😍 Today's blog is about my skincare favorites. Now this might be similar to, well, some call it "My skincare routine". My skin is very sensitive. Sometimes I just do away with makeup because if I wear makeup everyday, I would breakout! I also have oily [...]

July Favorites

Hello beauties! I hope you guys are all doing well. Today is another blog about makeup and skincare favorites! Another month has end. Can't believe that time flew by so fast. Enough with the intro, and may I present to you my JULY FAVORITES! Again, just to put it out there, I have oily to [...]

Korean Skincare HAUL

K beauty products have been on the market for years and the thing that I love is how AFFORDABLE each item is sold plus, if not always, they plug in the SALE tag so quickly! I just had to snag a bunch to test out and see if the hype about Korean beauty products. I've [...]

Maybelline Creamy Mattes

If your into matte lipstick but hate that drying lips after effect. These creamy mattes from Maybelline might be a safe bet. These lipsticks are so creamy and easy to use. It comes in a brown acrylic matte packaging, I purchased the shades Nude Nuance and Touch of Spice. Touch of Spice has a brown [...]

Essence Precise Eyeliner Brush

One word for this PRECISE!!!!!!This would be my cheapest eyeliner that works amazing. I got this for $2! The Essence Precise Eyeliner Brush Super accurate, this eyeliner brush is suitable for the application of gel eyeliners as well as creamy eye shadow or expressive pigments. The ideal brush to draw a precise line. This eyeliner [...]

NYX Mircobrow Pencil Review

They say that eyebrows frame the face. Imagine a face without eyebrows?. I used to pluck my eyebrows to a really thin line like. Remember Gwen Stefani brows? (She looks great by the way) Even she had her brow game re vamped! I'd overpluck them until they were history. But thankfully those days are behind [...]

Biorepublic Aloe Rescue Sheet Mask Review

Today, let's talk about sheet mask. Summer not only heats up the place, it also dehydrates my skin. So I added another player in my skincare routine! I have oily to combination skin type just to put it out there. Sheet masks are face-shaped sheet fabrics soaked in nutrition-packed solution called serum. The sheet is made up of variety of [...]

Maybelline’s FitMe Matte and Poreless Foundation

MATTE? and PORELESS? Introducing Maybelline's Matte and Poreless foundation. Now, this product claims to keep your face matte and blurr out pores to make it poreless! Interesting. . .Let's test it out shall we? Packaging The product comes in a glass bottle. It has no pump and product just pours out from the container. I [...]

Elf Blush Palette

This is an amazing inexpensive blush palette for only $6. I purchased mine at a local target.  Almost all  make up and drugstore sell this baby! The blush palette contains a large mirror and 4 blushes. The formulation comes in a compact powder blush type. There are two shades of the palette, a light and [...]

Lippies that I’m currently LOVING!

Hi beauties! Today is all about my favorite drugstore lippies! I personally chose these affordable lip products because they keep my lips moisturized and at the same time give off a great tint. If you wanna know more about these lippies, let's keep reading shall we? Maybelline Colorshow in red my lips I purchased this [...]

Ardell Brow Defining Kit Review

If your looking for a subtle, natural, not too much but perfect looking brows. Look no further! I've been testing this eyebrow defining kit from Ardell and I finally found a way to use it! Again, I am no expert on make up and eyebrows on fleek, but I do know how to groom, shape [...]

Wet N Wild Lipstick

  I love anything drugstore makeup but good enough to try. My Wet N Wild makeup is slowly dominating it's room in my make up collection. I love their highlighters so why not try out their lippies. Wet n Wild cosmetics are available on almost all drugstore or supermarkets. Each lipstick is in a plastic [...]

Eye See goes camping

Things to do during the summer, other than visiting the beach or taking a dip on the pool. Why not camping? Anyone? Just kidding. Camping in the backyard is totally different as compared to camping in mother natures woods. Yes, this is my first official camping activity in the real woods. There is no electricity [...]

Mario Badescu Facial Spray Review

Summer is here! Let's talk about skincare shall we? Aside from sun protection, skin hydration is a must! Drinking H2O is still the most effective way to keep your body hydrated. But let's give our face some extra love with Facial Sprays! Facial sprays help boost skin's radiance by helping skin better absorb good skincare [...]

Milani Conceal+Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation

Picked up a new foundation at the drugstore for $10. That contains 30 ml of the product. Not bad! I struggle with picking out my foundation shades especially if the testers are not available. I rely on reviews, images and foundation swatches before I purchase any product. On this blog, I wanted to share my [...]

Loreal True Match Foundation

Loreal True Match foundation claims to be a 'super blendable' makeup foundation. They have a variety of shades to choose form warms, neutral, and cook tones which is a good thing when it comes to finding your true match shades. The true match foundation is non cakey and oil free. It also claims to not [...]

Going Natural in Deodorants

Hello guys! 4th of July is nearly coming so I just want to wish you all a great vacation ahead! Today's post is about a new segment of my "Eye See Tries It" topics. Now, I am so excited to try Natural Deodorants! I've heard so much about this in decreasing body odor and I'm [...]

Eye See tries it: Armpit Detox

After using a lot of drugstore deodorants and antiperspirants, I noticed that my body odor got worse. In my early teens, I thought using an antiperspirant was a necessity, since everyone was using it. Back then, I didn't sweat as much and smelled that bad. Of course I had to consider my diet, and yep! [...]

Skone Insanely Intense Tattooed Eyeliner

  "Attain perfection" with this insanely intense eyeliner by Skone! This eyeliner claims to be waterproof and smudge proof that stays on all day. It has a felt tip applicator that is more stable and perfect for that sharp cat eye look. I got mine from my Ipsy Glambag.  I actually requested it after a peek of [...]

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

My lashes are NONE EXISTENT! I've mention that in previous blogs. To introduce them you, they grow short and straight down. It's like they have their own universe. Anything that increases my eyelash volume game is straight up my alley. I purchased mine at my local target for $7. The packaging comes in a very [...]

Coola Mineral Face SPF30 Matte Tint

During the summer months, the importance of sunscreen cannot be understated, as it helps keep ultraviolet rays, UVA and UVB, from damaging the skin. UVB is responsible for sunburn, while UVA has more long-term damaging effects, like wrinkling and premature aging. What SPF does is that it protects your skin from those harsh UVA and [...]

Cetaphil Facial Cleanser Review

I have oily to combination skin, meaning I get really oily in my T-zone and dry on my cheeks. Searching for a mild cleanser that targets oily skin might be a struggle but here's what I found, it's affordable and great for sensitive skin! Occasionally I get a monthly visitor named Gloria (a pimple) that [...]

Sigma Bent Liner Review

I love a good precise eyeliner. I purchased this Sigma Bent Liner Brush  basically to master my cat eye skills. I am not an expert nor a make up artist. But I still would love to perfect my eyeliner game. I was intrigued by the claims of this particular brush. It had a pointed brush tip [...]

Belo Lightening Soap Review

Uneven Skintone? Sunburn? Or you just wanna show off that skin but unsure due to than unwanted tan line?  Try lightening soaps. Lightening Soaps are used to effectively treat hyperpigmentation, dark spots, acne scars, and melasma. With regular use, you will start seeing results in a matter of weeks. Back in the philippines, lightening or [...]

Ipsy Glam Bag June 2017

My June Ipsy Glam Bag came just yesterday! I was so excited to share this with you I just had to make a blog about it! About Ipsy Michelle Phan has inspired countless women around the world through her beauty video tutorials on YouTube. Every day, the question Michelle gets asked the most is: "What [...]

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel

Summer is here! My face needs a good amount of soothing and  moisture with good skin care benefits! And why not try Nature Republic's 92% Aloe Vera Gel. Soothing & Moisture 92% Aloe Vera Soothing Gel 92% Aloe Vera leaf extract Skin firming and moisturizing effect - The fast-absorbing gel provides a refreshing feel to [...]

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

  I see with my little eyes. .  . A moisturizer raved and overly recommended by a ton of youtubers on how this product reduced little bumps on their face and how it cleared out imperfections. Another also claimed that she used it as a primer! Now, what miracle product can that be? Does it [...]

Benefit Benetint Review

Let me start this review on how much I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!! A cheek and lip tint. I am slowly adding up my makeup stash and sharing my thoughts on this itsybitsy benetint. I got my benetint from my Ipsy Glambag . To know more about that just click on the link.  I love how radiant it [...]

Pixie by Petra Palette in Plum Quartz

Anything drugstore rocks my boat! Makeover your gaze with this pretty eye palette in Pulm Quartz. I am still struggling with eye shadows since I'm an eyeliner and mascara type of gal. But learning new tricks ain't so bad. Presenting the Pixie by Petra Mezmerizing Mineral Palette  in Plum Quartz. Kit contains  6 Mineral Eye Shades [...]

Nivea Men’s Post Shave Balm as Primer

  Eye see with my tiny eyes a PRIMER! This is a cult favorite since 2015. A ton of youtubers recommend it and  I'm pretty sure your checking this blog out to see if it's worth giving it a shot. Fear no longer! I'm giving it my best shot on how to gather my thoughts [...]

Benefit Porefessional First Impression

If you suffer from large pores like I do, This is really something to try out. I received mine from my Ipsy Glambag. The first time I tried this was for a special event. I had to wear something that would last all night  and look good at pictures. I have oily to combination skin meaning [...]

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Concealer Review

Looks familiar? It's the Maybelline superstay betterskin concealer in light medium. I use concealers to hide my dark undereye circles. This concealer is also known for correcting undereye circles in just 3 weeks. But I'm not sure about that.  Product Details Maybelline's SuperStay Better Skin Concealer is a 2-in-1 targeted concealer and correcter with Actyl-C, [...]

Nyx Buttergloss and Butterlipstick

  Anything nude to my lips but better are a total yes for me! Nyx has been a drugstore makeup for years and I  was just as curious as many of us, to try this MLBB trend yass! I got mine in Angel food cake and Root beer float. Now both of these lippies are [...]

Simple Eye Make up Remover Review

  As much as I enjoy putting on make up, I find it satisfying to remove it at the end of the day. Let me share my thoughts on my favorite eye make up remover from Simple. Make up removers are usually formulated with an oil based product to effectively dissolve even waterproof make up. [...]

Real Techniques Makeup Sponge Review

  Description This versatile beauty tool was designed with a revolutionary foam technology to evenly blend makeup for a smooth, enhanced finish. Use damp for a dewy glow or dry for a full coverage. rounded sides blend large areas of the face with a dabbing motion precision tip covers blemishes and imperfections flat edge for [...]

Wet N Wild Mega Glow Highlighters

  Shimmer and shine in all the right places! This product was so hyped I had to test it out for myself. They compared it to high end make up I can't even pronounce or afford! But not to say never. =) This drugstore highlighter was priced at $5. Cheap radar on =) Wet N [...]

Wet N Wild Photofocus Foundation

  Soft Beige                             Golden Beige Product Details Your skin, only better. Our new high-performing, skin-perfecting foundation underwent major road testing under seven different photo lighting conditions to deliver flawless camera-ready makeup every time. Specially made with a matte, light-diffusing complex to [...]

Colour Pop Super Shock

Colourpops Supershock Shadow in Just for fun Product Details Super Shock Shadow Our famous long-wearing crème powder formula with a unique bouncy-like texture. It's super creamy, insanely pigmented, and has one swipe intensity with zero fallout. Finish Ultra-Glitter Net Weight 2.1 g / 0.07 oz For Max Coverage - Use your fingertip and tap shadow directly onto the [...]

Icona Lashes Try On

Today, we'll be trying out ICONA FALSE LASHES! As you can tell, I'm super excited to try these babies out! I have short,straight  and very sparse lashes. That's why I am always in the hunt for the "natural lash" look. Okay moving on to the product. DESCRIPTION: FAIRY TALE For the ultimate minimalist! Dainty and [...]

Wet N Wild Make up Brushes Review

Quick view Two-toned synthetic fibers Short, angled bristles Ergonomic handle for total control This small precision brush features short, angled bristles designed to line and define your eyes. Featuring two-toned synthetic Polymax fibers made of an exclusive thermoplastic polymer complex that mimics the consistency of natural hairs to pick up formula effortlessly.  Holds any cream, [...]

NYX Liquid Suede Cream and Lip Lingerie Review

  I am in LOVE with these nudish, old rose, my lips but better color! Let's talk about it shall we =) NYX Liquid Suede Cream claims to glide on and sets into a striking matte finish. It is now available in 12 more velvety-soft shades, this waterproof lippie creates a positively polished look with every [...]

Coyote Hill Regional Park

This blog is about Coyote Regional Park. I personally love hiking and walking around parks simply because it is an inexpensive way to relax and admire nature. As much as love capturing images to share, I also see the importance of having time to imagine, relax and sometimes think about nothing! The only noisy one's [...]

Ardell Natural Lash 110 and Babies try on

I have no eyelashes. Does this sound familiar? I had my challenging moments picking out false lashes that had a "no falsies eye makeup look". I wanted to test out Ardell's natural lash to see if I could rock this trend. The material had an elastic band that was transparent to mimic the natural eyelash effect. [...]

Coty Airspun Review

Dupe Alert! This is a well known dupe for the Laura Mercier Loose Powder. After a series of reviews and recommendations from “beauty gurus” I might as well try it out. The packaging is in a cylinder. It contains a powder puff and a sifter.   It comes in a variety of shades to choose [...]

Battle of the Bronzers Butter VS Hoola

A bronzer is a cosmetic applied to the skin to simulate a sun tan. It perhaps diminishes the paleness after applying foundation to give life! If your familiar with the white cast effect. It's a great way to add a glow to the face. Preferably I would choose a bronzer with minimal to no shimmer [...]

Colourpop Short and Sweet Mini Size Kit

Let's talk about Colourpop The set consist of a mini size version 2 x 0.64 g / 0.02 oz net weight. Easy to travel with and great for testing out shades before purchasing full size. Shades are: Love Muffin: Ultra Satin Lip; pastel baby pink Sugar Lips: Ultra Glossy Lip; golden pink with gold, silver, copper [...]

Pugad Adventure

PUGAD Adventure is located in Pugo, La Union, Philippines. It only took us less than an hour to arrive from Baguio City (my hometown) to Pugo La Union. Arriving the venue, Guest had to pay up before entering. They offered ziplines, ATV( all terrain vehicle) riding along the mountains, wall climbing, kubo (Nipa Hut) accommodation [...]

All about Essence Makeup REVIEW

  Cheap is in! Essence eyeliners are one of the most affordable drugstore makeup I've purchased in a while. Let's begin! Essence DIP Liner Waterproof This type of liquid eyeliner has a stiff pen that is not quite thin to achieve a "sharp" cat eye look. I can get away with it by replacing the [...]